Senior Living Market Analysis


Measure, Don't Guess:

Few businesspeople, given a better way, prefer to hand a major advantage to competitors by using an obsolete 30-year-old method that performs adequately on only one of three required functions...when far superior methods are available.

Our HighValue quantitative techniques measure each of the bulleted items below. We verify using actual behavior within the market area.

  • We define market area using as many as nine different levels of computed travel time.
  • We weight "near vs. far," intense from sparse supply and demand, likely from unlikely.
  • We distinguish complex demand patterns among millions of items of data.
  • Though we can evaluate supply (of competing facilities) we prefer to work with existing traditional analysts who generally perform this function very well.

The Site, Suggestions:

  • First, skim the titles on the left edge of the home page without clicking for detail. Begin with the small buttons under the "Start Here" button.
  • Second, click for detail or choose any of the slide show buttons (at right) that may interest you.
  • Third, enter the site (available after mid-September 2001) for more detail and other slide shows. "Switch Central" has many options, but they are more meaningful if you have skimmed the home page.

We balance:

  • Profit-making operating experience of real facilities (look, for example, at Bruce Boyer's summary in "who we are") with
  • Highly developed (patent pending) quantitative techniques and trained research experience (look, for example, at other Associates).