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A comprehensive overview slide show with introductons to major issues and new techniques.
Slide Show: an explanation of HighValue concepts.
Go to how $1.00 of daily rate converts to $250,000 at sale of property. This fact drives the importance of using HighValue techniques to preserve distinctions that are invisible to the Traditional method.
Go to why the existing, generally used, Traditional method is totally blind to HighValue differences.
Go to the principles of HighValue techniques. These principles stress the use of quantitative methods at all but the last (interpretive) step in the analysis in order to maintain discipline.
Slide Show: Fiscal Associates' three contributions to the field of elder housing market analysis.
Go to the most important step in analysis: how we make our accurate market boundary determination. It is quantitative, computed, and is linked to data on the ground. Like a chemistry beaker, this is the basic container for data: everything "in" is counted; everything "out" is ignored.
Go to Net Demand Model, which--together with the accurate market boundary--allows the computation of an estimate for initial pricing, price elasticity of demand, and net demand (at a given point).
Go to this question and some answers: "Why is an analyst, who usually has no license to operate a facility, and no experience making a profit, whiy is this analyst the only person qualified to determine the future profitability of a facility?"
Go to the actual HighValue studies we offer, Point, Comparison, Area, and Multi-Unit Simulation.
Go to Fiscal Associates' HighValue Point Analysis. Point Analyses are the only HighValue Analysis that resembles what Traditional analysts do. However, the Traditional method cannot access the high value nuances because of its inherent flaws. The primary product for most Traditional analysts is a point feasibility study.
Go to Fiscal Associates' HighValue Comparison Study.
Go to Fiscal Associates' HighValue Area Study.
Go to Fiscal Associates' HighValue Multi-Unit Simulation.
Go to a review of the existing, generally used, Traditional method and its approach to the use of data. Problems were found.
Go to a review of the existing, generally used, Traditional method. Problems were found.
Go to a section for analysts only. We offer to existing (including Traditional method) firms rhe opportunity to participate in our new (patent pending) HighValue studies. We suggest that other analysts can greatly increase the services they can offer to their clients and can also greatly increase their sales without diminishing the services they already offer. The descriptions are more technical than the other pages on the site.
Go to Fiscal Associates: description of the firm, services, and pricing.
Go to Fiscal Associates' services offered and a a link to Fiscal Associates, the firm.
Go to Fiscal Associates' pricing of services.
Fiscal Associates is willing to cooperate with researchers in the field. Contact us.
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Mini slide show; area analysis.
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Fiscal Associates: People and Qualifications

our HighValue analytic offerings and the contributions to the field that allow them.

We prefer to work with analysts, sharing the workload and providing the intellectual property, the technology, and providing the support.

Overview Slide Show (30 minutes).

Contact us to make inquires or to start the process of cooperation.
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