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Fiscal Associates' publications

We shall provide answers to your questions about sharing, who does what, what you can expect:

We seek to work with quality analysts who are interested in upgrading to the latest technology without having to upgrade staff. We can help you increase your business through access to our HighValue techniques and four new forms of market analysis (see below).

Analysts, given the questions that have been raised about the ability of typical market analysis methods (see "Publications" above) to protect against Risk or to find Opportunity, have two choices.

  • They can attempt to hold back waves of progress (see the rest of the site), continuing to depend upon "site feasibility studies," refinancing "studies," and ancillary services.
  • Or, we invite you to join the progressive movement toward more profitable, more satisfying, and more powerful quantitative analysis. Each of these powerful tools will greatly expand what you can do for your clients.
    Fiscal Associates offers you an ally with the skills, technology, and intellectual property which will allow you to double your revenues through the new HighValue types of analyses, Point, Comparison, Area, and Multi-Unit Simulations.

Each of the last three is worth multiples of a "site study," and leaves you knowing that you have told your client something beyond his ability to see for himself.